Community-Based Literacy Planning

Welcome to the Community-Based Literacy Planning module. This module looks at the community-based literacy planning approach as a way to improve literacy levels in Canada.

The module is designed for groups, organizations, and institutions interested in learning more about this approach, its benefits and challenges, and what it means to work collaboratively to bring together a continuum of community literacy services for all ages.

Upon completing the module, participants should understand how a community-based literacy plan will benefit a community and its literacy level. Participants will also learn what steps to take to establish a plan in their community.

The module includes video clips, challenging questions, and group activities.

Be sure you are able to get the most out of each session — check that your computer has what it needs by clicking on the “technical requirements” link.

Materials for the Module

  1. Community-Based Literacy Planning Workbook — To download and print the workbook, click here
  2. A Sample Community Literacy Plan — To access the plan, go to and print “Revelstoke”.
  3. Chart paper and markers

To begin Community-Based Literacy Planning, CLICK HERE.

Facilitator Guide

The estimated time to complete the module is three hours, depending on the length of discussions during the interactive segments.

Participants can further engage in the module and activities by using the Community-Based Literacy Planning Workbook and by reviewing a sample community plan.

Reference Materials

Literacy NOW: A Planning Guide (PDF) was developed by 2010 Legacies NOW through its Literacy NOW Communities program. This program takes a community-development strategy approach to stimulate collaborative planning and the creation and expansion of local literacy programs throughout British Columbia.

Visit the Saskatchewan Literacy Office web site to learn more about community literacy programs and community literacy plans in Saskatchewan.