Literacy Modules

A series of on-line learning and teaching resources has been developed for literacy providers and learners using the rich legacy of materials resulting from the 2008 CMEC Pan-Canadian Interactive Literacy Forum. Designed around key literacy themes, these learning modules facilitate continued discussion and learning post-forum, with the goal to increase literacy levels across Canada.

These on-line resources are designed for use by literacy providers and learners, including those in the education, non-profit, business, and labour sectors. The modules use activities, guiding questions, and video clips of forum presenters to guide participants through structured learning tools.

To ensure users get the most out of the modules, they are designed to be flexible and to fit into an individual or a group’s available time. As on-line resources, each module can be started or stopped at any time and at any point, and then restarted when time permits.

Module A, an overview of literacy in Canada, can be viewed individually or with a group. It is recommended that Modules B and C, which include activities and topics for group discussions, be viewed with a group of colleagues or learners.

Click on the links below to learn more about the modules, to link to them, and to download accompanying materials.

A. Literacy in Canada

This module introduces the key themes of the forum, using information and presentations from that event to provide an overview of literacy in Canada.

B. Community-Based Literacy Planning

What is community-based literacy planning? What does it look like, and who does it benefit? This module is designed for individuals, groups, organizations, and institutions interested in the advantages of providing a continuum of literacy services for all ages.

C. Literacy: Looking at the Immigrant Experience

This module looks at some of the challenges faced by immigrants to Canada as they seek to become literate in English or French. It also includes resources available for instructors to use to respond to various needs.